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Polished Concrete Floors

Five reasons why you should opt for polished concrete when considering flooring systems for your building or remodel project.

Concrete Polishing Process

Concrete Polishing Process

Learn more about the concrete polishing process and find out how we create polished concrete with a mirror like appearance.

Concrete Polishing Process

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View images from some of our latest projects and see the transformation of concrete from the norm to the incredible.

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View some of the many advantages of polished concrete, and learn why polished concrete is both visually appealing and very practical.

Benefits of Polished Concrete
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Learn why we're the best choice for concrete polishing in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Concrete Polishing

Apple Store, Torrance, CA - Concrete Polishing by Los Angeles Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing in Los Angeles is becoming the floor of choice among retail outlets to residential home owners with the choice of a highly polished reflective floor to a semi polished matte finish. Color and designs can be added to really showcase your polished concrete floor. With the low maintenance and ease of cleaning concrete polishing has become popular in most big box stores as well. Concrete diamond-polishing technology has changed and Los Angeles Concrete Polishing has followed and researched the best possible tools, machines and methods to deliver you the floor of the future.

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For over a decade, Los Angeles Concrete Polishing has provided complete care and service for all Concrete and natural Stone surfaces to homes and businesses throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Using only true and proven methods, as well as the most cutting edge and advanced commercial tools available. Here is the Process for polishing concrete: The concrete is sanded with several steps of diamond grits, usually, 2-8 depending on the gloss level desired. The 2-step process is often referred to as a grind and seal. Concrete Polishing can be done wet or dry depending on the site situation. Benefits of dry grinding include easier clean-up since no slurry is created during the polishing. A densifier is applied once the concrete is opened up to at least a 200 grit diamond. A lithium silicate is used on many polished concrete floors. Sodium silicate and potassium silicates are also used. The densifier is allowed to dry and cure , followed by final diamond steps, which will polish the floor to the desired gloss. The last step is a floor guard applied for protection and is burnished into the floor. Remember if your concrete is not a candidate for polishing we can also install a self leveling topping that can be polished and or stained to your desired look. We have the solutions to your concrete needs