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How to get polished concrete floors

How to get polished concrete floors

There are normally ten to fifteen steps required in producing polished concrete floors with many grinding passes, although there are other ways to get a similar polished concrete appearance.

The general rule of grinding – double the diamond grit size for each subsequent pass, so you might start with very coarse, metal bond (see below) 16 or 32 grit diamonds, followed by 60 grit diamonds followed by 120, then start again with resin pads (see below).

Metal bond refers to the segments found on most diamond grinding wheels or plates which are metal blocks containing the diamonds that are welded to a steel backing plate or wheel. These segments are strong and flat so they level the concrete aggressively and can contain diamonds from large size number 10 grit to as fine as 250 grit. The higher the number, the smaller the size of the diamonds.

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