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Self-Leveling Overlays

These toppings quickly restore damaged concrete and level uneven floors

ToppingsSelf-leveling overlay applications for concrete floors offer numerous advantages and cost efficiency compared to removing and replacing. They will correct uneven floors cover pitted and saw cut trench poured backs and provide a new surface for polishing,staining. These flowable toppings have the ability to self level and cure time is fast making it easy for polishing the following day keeping down time to a minimum. It's a quick solution for worn or uneven, un-polishable concrete floors. Aggregate may be seeded in as well to give character and depth.

There are multiple overlayment systems available for refinishing concrete from ultra-thin microtoppings or "skim coats" that can be applied as thin as a business card to underlayments at thicknesses of up to an inch or better. Each one provides a variety of style and character that can be transformed into what you desire.

Toppings and Underlayment

Toppings and Underlayment