Grinding and Polishing Corners of Concrete Floors

How to get polished concrete floors

Consumer benefits of using polished concrete

We finally have the answer for getting into corners. This has been a major problem in the industry, and our research and development into this problem has resulted in a simple, low cost corner tool kit.

This kit consists of finger and triangle tools that fit onto an oscillating Multi Tool. The 40 grit tools will grind down lippage in corners with ease for most floors while the 20 grit finger tools is for very hard floors. Included are two rasps for removing paint or glue and a triangle hook pad for attaching resin pads to finish the polishing.

Two more important steps along the way:

1. Hardening the surface

Polished concrete floors usually have the surface hardened with a chemical before the second, third or fourth grinding pass. The chemical soaks into the floor and causes a chemical reaction that hardens (densifies) the floor to produce a high shine when the polishing is finished and to increase the wear resistance of the floor. This process is often repeated at different stages to obtain the best possible finish.

2. Filling holes (grouting)

After the first concrete grinding pass,  removing the top layer of concrete paste – millions of tiny air holes will be exposed.     If these are not filled before the hardening process then the final polished concrete floor will show these unsightly imperfections.    The holes can be filled with an acrylic tile adhesive type of product mixed with grinding dust and cement powder which is hand scraped across the floor using a trowel.

Other rubberized adhesives can be sprayed ahead of the grinder, or the floor can be wet with water and the adhesive splashed across the floor so that the diamonds mix it into the holes with the grinding dust on the third or fourth pass at around 120 grit.    We have incorporated this process with the densifying step to save at least one pass.

There are normally ten to fifteen steps required in producing polished concrete floors with many grinding passes, although there are other ways to get a similar polished concrete appearance.

The general rule of grinding – double the diamond grit size for each subsequent pass, so you might start with very coarse, metal bond (see below) 16 or 32 grit diamonds, followed by 60 grit diamonds followed by 120, then start again with resin pads (see below).

Metal bond refers to the segments found on most diamond grinding wheels or plates which are metal blocks containing the diamonds that are welded to a steel backing plate or wheel. These segments are strong and flat so they level the concrete aggressively and can contain diamonds from large size number 10 grit to as fine as 250 grit. The higher the number, the smaller the size of the diamonds.

Homeowners, Retailers, and Big-Box Store Managers know the value of polished concrete floors,     Superintendents of Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Concert Venues, Parking Garages, and decision-makers at any structures with concrete floors know value.

Taking the extra step to polish concrete floors regularly will go a long way for overall concrete floor life.  Polished concrete floors reflect a glossy appearance that shines from a distance, and gives a unique and aesthetically pleasing look.

Residential Polished Floor Benefits:

Long-term finances:  Polished concrete flooring extends the duration of the floor life.    By choosing to get their concrete floors polished regularly, homeowners are choosing the wise path of long-term regular maintenance with regularly scheduled concrete floor polishing.

Homeowners who now choose to have regularly-scheduled concrete floor polishing, are making the wise financial decision for the long-term.   Instead of allowing natural floor degradation to take it’s course  -and force a too-soon floor replacement, homeowners choose polished concrete to extend the floor life.

Polished Concrete also minimizes and removes the need for traditional floor coverings to hide stains, dents or chips.   Floors that are polished offer a longer life-cycle – and are also easy to clean.   Concrete floors polished and pristine do not harbor dust, dirt, allergens  Polished Concrete floor are also available in wide variety of colors and designs.

Commercial and Retail Polished Floor Benefits

Cost savings of regularly-scheduled floor polishing are immediate and long-term.   Polished floors are more resistant to wearing down due to high foot traffic.   Disruption is minor – large display cases typically do not have to be moved to wax and strip the floor.

Polished floors are easy to clean, requiring only occasional damp mopping. With concrete floors polished – there will always be less maintenance and longer service life.

Gone are messy waxes or coatings, and the necessary labor, time, and expense to apply them.  The glossy surface of polished concrete resists the marks of forklift truck tires, or oil / chemical stains.

Polished Concrete floors resist moisture transmission issues.   Using a floor polish service for concrete allows the floor to breathe,

High light reflection:  This is important for the concrete floors of office buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, or any public facility that wants to project a bright, clean, professional image.

Polished concrete floors also save energy by reducing artificial lighting requirements.   It is the sustainable choice – no more hazardous coatings, cleaners or adhesives.


Because polishing is a multi-step process, homeowners and business owners can choose the level of sheen   – from stain to high-gloss
– meeting their maintenance and aesthetic requirements.  Versatility makes polished concrete an ideal flooring material for a variety of applications.

Polished Concrete is most often found in:

Hotels / Restaurants
Office buildings
Auto Showrooms
Large warehouses and warehouse outlets
Retail stores
Private residences

Polished concrete is a great alternative for homeowners or businesses not wanting the exorbitant cost of marble or granite floors but want the same brilliant, mirror-like finish.

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