Self-Leveling Overlays

About Our Self-Leveling Concrete Overlays Service

Self-leveling overlay applications for concrete floors offer numerous advantages and cost efficiency compared to removing and replacing. They will correct uneven floors cover pitted and saw cut trench poured backs and provide a new surface for polishing, staining. These flowable toppings have the ability to self-level and cure time is fast making it easy for polishing the following day keeping down-time to a minimum. It's a quick solution for worn or uneven, un-polishable concrete floors. An aggregate may be seeded in as well to give character and depth.

There are multiple over-layment systems available for refinishing concrete from ultra-thin micro-toppings or "skim coats" that can be applied as thin as a business card to underlayments at thicknesses of up to an inch or better. Each one provides a variety of style and character that can be transformed into what you desire.

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Dividers with height


These polymer-based systems are applied super-thin, giving them the ability to flex.

Self-leveling overlays:

Restores worn/damaged concrete surfaces and can be used to level floors and can be polished and stained.


Used on concrete in preparation for floor coverings. Creates a smooth, level floor.

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We will transform your concrete floor into something extraordinary with polished concrete! Custom polished concrete polished just for you and your property.


We make sure your concrete floors match the highest quality of service possible. No detail is too small, our team of experts ensures that their years of expert concrete knowledge is applied to every project we do.


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Los Angeles Concrete Polishing will evaluate and strategize the best solution services possible for what your upcoming project needs. We take in every factor when determining completion time such as any other construction going on in your location, your hours of operation, and strategize accordingly.


We are very proud of our expert concrete employee's safety standards. Unlike other companies, we make sure to clean up our mess, leave no hazards that could injure clients/customers/guests in the process of completing our project.

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There are dozens of Concrete Polishing companies in the greater Los Angeles area - why choose Los Angeles Concrete Polishing? Simply put: We deliver the highest quality service, on time, within the allotted budget - and specifically tailored to your project. We EXCEED expectations. Polished concrete is a revolutionary method of revitalizing concrete. We can give that old grey concrete into a glossy, mirror-like finish. You don't have to spend extra money on floor cleaning materials. Los Angeles Concrete Polishing is the next generation on concrete polished flooring and offers the leading polished flooring services in L.A. Period. We can make your concrete look new again with polished concrete! We have a long-term reputation for excellence, let us show you why. Durable, cost-effective and low maintenance.

We will transform your concrete floor into something extraordinary with polished concrete! Custom polished concrete polished just for you and your property.

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Here you can see an example of the before image of plain concrete flooring.

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Los Aneleses Concrete Polishing - Concrete Polishing Service


Finally, it's finished! Take a look at the amazing color this non-slippery modern colored concrete floor topping.

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